To whom it may concern:

As captains of the Carmel High School Science Olympiad team we are seeking funding for our team as we prepare to represent the state of Indiana at the National Competition at the end of May.

In 2018, our team won the State title and proudly represented Indiana at the National Tournament. One of the shortcomings in 2018 and in previous years was funding. This season, we worked extremely hard and secured a first place finish at the State competition once again, qualifying us for the 2019 National Tournament in Ithaca, New York. Now, we are seeking the support of generous sponsors like you in order for our team to represent Indiana at the highest level at Nationals.

As a Science Olympiad team, we have various financial needs in addition to technical assistance. Hence, we greatly appreciate any and all support and sponsorship. Sponsorships leading up to Nationals will be used to cover our trip costs as well as covering costs needed to improve our events. This year we’ve built multiple mousetrap vehicles, Rube Goldberg machines, levers and planes made from Balsa Wood. Funds will also be used to purchase field guides for events like Fossils, resources for study events, and practice materials for lab events such as Forensics and Chemistry Lab.

Different levels of sponsorships with their benefits are listed on the form below. However, we appreciate any contribution. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us at carmelscioly@gmail.com. We will be delighted to provide more information through either email or a meeting in person and answer any questions. In addition, if your company can help us prepare for any of our events, please contact us – we will be extremely delighted to discuss your professional help. A complete listing of this year’s events can be found here: https://carmelscioly.com/scienceolympiad/.

Bronze: $100+ Your name/logo will be featured under the list of sponsors on our website.


Your name/logo will be featured on our T-shirts in addition to rewards from the previous level.


Your name/logo will be featured on our Nationals T-shirts in addition to rewards from the previous level. This national t-shirt will be worn at the national competition and will feature your logo/name to a national audience.


Your name/logo will be a major feature on all of our builds in addition to rewards from previous levels. These builds will be demonstrated to a national audience at the national competition.
Diamond: $5000+ Your name/logo will be featured on our team’s flag which is taken to the National
Competition and walked in a parade during the opening ceremony and you will be featured in all press releases (City of Carmel, Hilite newsmagazine, etc.) concerning our team in addition to rewards from previous levels.

If you would like your company or group logo featured on our T-shirt or website (rather than just your name), please email carmelscioly@gmail.com with a vector or image (jpeg, png, tiff, bmp) of your logo before April 10th, 2019 (if not submitted at the time of our T-shirt order date, your company’s name and/or logo will be featured on the next shirt order).

**Carmel High School is a 501(c)(3) Organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by current IRS tax laws and regulations. The tax number will be provided upon request.

Thank you for your time and consideration in supporting us as we prepare for the 2019 National Tournament, as well as the training and empowerment of students striving to become scientists and engineers.

Best Regards,

Officers (Satvik Kumar, Olivia White, Anushka Dasgupta, Yannik Singh, Raphael Li)



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