Our team could not be where it is now without the help of our distinguished and honored alumni. All alumni are listed on the list when they were seniors.

Satvik Kumar (’19)

Officer, 2017-2019

Accomplishments: 1st, Chemistry Lab and Experimental Design (Nationals ’19)

College: Georgia Tech


Gary Zhang (’19)

Accomplishments: 2nd, Circuit Lab and Water Quality (State ’19)

College: UNC Chapel Hill


James Yin (’19)

Accomplishments: 5th, Fermi Questions (Nationals ’19)

College: Purdue


Andrew Sleugh (’19)

Accomplishments: 2nd, Astronomy (Nationals ’19)

College: Stanford


Pranav Sriram (’18)

Officer, 2016-17; Co-President, 2017-18

Accomplishments: 1st, Astronomy, Chemistry Lab, Materials Science (State ’18)

College: Stanford


Jessica Mo (’18)

Officer, 2016-17; Co-President, 2017-18

College: Vanderbilt


Keegan Parkhurst (’18)

Accomplishments: 3rd, Anatomy and Physiology (Nationals ’18)

College: Rose-Hulman

Major: Chemical Engineering


Aditya Belamkar (’18)

Officer, 2017-18

Accomplishments: 3rd, Anatomy and Physiology (Nationals ’18)

College: Indiana

Major: Biology


Charan Kanthala (’18)

Officer, 2016-17

Accomplishments: 1st, Forensics (State, various years)

College: Purdue

Major: Health and Disease


Eric Zhu (’18)

College: Purdue

Major: Engineering


Darren Chang (’17)

Vice President, 2015-16; President, 2016-17; Event Supervisor at Cornell and UMich

Accomplishments: 4th, Green Generation (State ’15 and Nationals ’16); 2nd, Astronomy (State ’17)

College: Cornell

Major: History/Biology & Society


Selena Qian (’17)

Officer, 2015-17; Duke SciOly Executive Board

Accomplishments: 11th, Hydrogeology (Nationals ’16); 13th, Chem Lab (Nationals ’16); 10th, Protein Modeling (Nationals ’16)

College: Duke


Cindy Lee (’17)

Accomplishments: 1st, Optics (State ’17); 5th, Exp Design (State ’17); Sallie Mae SciOly Scholarship Winner 2017

College: Indiana

Major: Chemistry BA, French BA


Miles Dai (’16)

President, 2015-16; Officer, 2014-15; MIT Event Supervisor

Accomplishments: 1st, WIDI (Nationals ’16)

College: MIT


Jarod Throckmorton (’16)

Builds Viceroy, 2015-16; MIT Event Supervisor

Accomplishments: 1st, WIDI (Nationals ’16)

College: Purdue

Major: Engineering


Sarah Liu (’16)

Officer, 2014-16; National Event Supervisor

Accomplishments: 4th, Forensics (Nationals ’16), 1st, Forensics (State ’16)

College: Purdue

Major: Engineering


Matthew Zheng (’16)

Officer, 2014-16

Accomplishments: 4th, Green Gen (Nationals ’16)

College: Indiana


Simon Langowski (’16)

Accomplishments: 1st, Hydrogeology (State ’16); 1st, GeoMapping (State ’16)

College: Purdue

Majors: Math, Computer Science, Statistics


Anish Patel (’16)

Accomplishments: 2nd, Exp Design (State ’16)

College: Purdue

Major: Engineering


Adit Chandra (’15)

President, 2014-15; Officer, 2013-14

College: Harvard


Dennis Yang (’15)

Officer, 2013-15

Accomplishments: 2nd, Wright Stuff (State ’15)

College: Ohio State


Josh Segaran (’15)

Co-Director of the MIT Invitational

Officer, 2013-15

College: MIT

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