Daniel Tian | Senior, President

Yo! I’m Daniel, a senior specializing in chemistry events. I love meeting new people and seeing fresh faces join our community, but I also love my alone time and intimate quiet spaces. I’m also a managing editor of CHS’s newspaper, the HiLite, and I really like learning new, miscellaneous party tricks and skills. I’m beyond excited to serve as the president this year at Carmel Science Olympiad, and I can’t wait to see the heights the club can reach.

1st – Chemistry Lab // 1st – Rocks and Minerals (State ’22)
Favorite Event: Fossils

Ishaan Singh | Senior

Ishaan Singh | Senior

I’m Ishaan, a senior that loves to learn about physics. I play the cello and piano, and like to compose in my free time. I also like playing basketball with my friends, and love looking at cat videos on instagram (even though I don’t own one). For SciOly, my events are Detector, WiFi, Time and Astro, and I am super excited to see what we accomplish this season!

1st – It’s About Time, WiFi Lab // 5th – Detector Building (State ’22)
Favorite Event: Astronomy

Jingyu Xiao | Senior

Hi! I’m Jingyu, a senior on the officer team. While I love anything and everything earth science, oceanography and climate science hold special places in my heart. Outside of studying, I can usually be found drawing on my iPad or wandering around nature parks with my family. This year I’m excited to be competing in Dynamic Planet, Green Generation, Remote Sensing, Environmental Chemistry, and Bridge. Looking forward to a great season, go Scihounds!

5th – Dynamic Planet // 2nd – Remote Sensing (Nationals ’22)
Favorite Event: Remote Sensing

Anna Liao | Sophomore

Hi! I’m Anna, a sophomore who enjoys finding enchantment in the entirely earthly science of life. Within SciOly, I compete in Anatomy & Physiology, Cell Bio, Disease Detectives, and Flight. Outside of SciOly, I love reading about biology, writing poetry, and running. Every challenge in life, met with resilience and determination, is surmountable — SciOly is no different, and I have high expectations for these amazing people!

3rd – Anatomy & Physiology // 4th – Disease Detectives (Nationals ’22)
Favorite Event: Anatomy & Physiology

Ethan Wu | Sophomore

I’m Ethan, a sophomore who loves inquiry 😊!! I play tennis for the school team and also love playing the violin. Some hobbies of mine are eating, sleeping, and repeating. For SciOly, my events are Codes, Fermi, Exdes, and Scrambler. I’m excited for what’s to come!

2nd – Experimental Design, Codebusters // 5th – Remote Sensing (Regionals ’22)
Favorite Event: Codebusters

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