Anushka Dasgupta | Senior

1st – Anatomy & Physiology, Designer Genes // 2nd – Water Quality (State ’19)
Favorite Event: Anatomy & Physiology

Anushka Dasgupta is a third-year member and a senior captain. She specializes in biology events with success in events like Anatomy & Physiology and Designer Genes. She likes ranting about bad tests, subsidizing her lack of sleep by drinking concerning amounts of coffee and looking at Science Olympiad memes. One of the main reasons for the success we’ve had as a team is that she fixes the printer everytime someone else breaks it. While Anushka’s very driven and focused, you can often find her joking with the team. Her favorite part of Science Olympiad is both the team aspect and competition, and she is excited to meet new members this year. Outside of SciOly, you can find her dedicating her life to the Hilite, rallying for children’s causes and playing piano. She loves listening to Chopin, playing with dogs and learning anything bio-related.


Lillian He | Junior

1st – Code Busters // 3rd – Disease Detectives // 4th – Forensics (State ’19)
Favorite Event: Disease Detectives



Raphael Li | Senior

1st – Experimental Design (Nationals ’19)
Favorite Event: Experimental Design

Raphael is a fourth-year member and senior captain. He is passionate about earth science and inquiry events, with his favorite event being Experimental Design. In his free time, he enjoys awkwardly winking at people, tapping them on the opposing shoulder and speaking so fast no one can understand what he’s saying. His favorite part about Science Olympiad is the team aspect, as he loves to banter and joke with his teammates. He’s good at making people laugh and lightening the mood, but don’t underestimate his hard work and commitment to his team. Outside of SciOly, he’s involved in Hilite, tennis, Design for CHS and plays the cello. He’s also incredibly committed to his church and various charitable causes.


Lalith Roopesh | Junior

1st – Code Busters, Dynamic Planet // 2nd – Geologic Mapping (State ’19)
Favorite Event: Code Busters


Yannik Singh

Yannik Singh | Senior

1st – Chemistry Lab // 2nd – Astronomy (Nationals ’19)
Favorite Event: Chemistry Lab



The 2018-2019 officers posing for a picture at Carmel High School.

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