Callout Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended the callout meeting! We had a great turnout for the following season. This coming Wednesday (9/16/2015), we will not be meeting. Our next meeting will be the following Wednesday (9/23/2015) as always in Mrs. Henry’s room). If you are interested in joining us for the 2015-2016 season, make sure to you complete the following:

  1. Turn in your code of conduct and $20 dues to Mrs. Henry ASAP. Please be sure to hand everything to her personally. Do not leave money and forms unattended in her room.
  2. Fill out this Google Form so that we can form our final roster and provide enough rule books for everyone.
  3. Begin thinking about what events you would like to do. Here’s the diagnostic test if you would like to take another look.
  4. Tell your friends about SciOly and get them to join.

That should get you on our roster. There’s some more important information, though:

  • There is A LOT of study materials in information on the Google Drive. This can be found on the tab above. Ask an officer or another club member for the password if you do not know it already.
  • If you know someone is not receiving emails, have them email us at
  • Two important sites for studying and/or about SO in general are (the offficial site) and (a student-run but fairly reliable forum often with good advice)

At our next meeting (9/23/2015), we will be making our initial event choices. See you all there!

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